A Closer Look At 10 Celebs Who Used DNA For Ancestry

Due to advancements in technology, it is now possible for you to trace your ancestry using DNA testing.  All you have to do is swab your saliva and send it to the lab so that it can be tested. Check out the Best DNA test kits for ancestry. Below are 10 celebs who used DNA for ancestry:

1. Jessica Williams

She is a talented comedian who is popularly known for her role in Just For Laughs which was aired on Nickelodeon. When her DNA was analyzed, it was found that her lineage goes all the way to Cameroon in a tribe known as the Bamileke tribe. Discovering her roots gave her a new perspective about life and she also got to learn about a tribe she never knew existed before.

2. Black Thought

Black Thought is an experienced rapper who is also co-frontman of the roots, which was a popular hiphop group. After having his DNA analyzed, it was found that the ancestors of her mother come from the Mende tribe which is mainly found in Sierra Leone.

The roots of his tribe actually extend to the Madinka tribe which is found in Senegal. This revelation proved vital because he could now understand his origins and also his ancestry.

3. Isaiah Washington

He is a popular actor who found a new purpose in life after his DNA was tested. After having his DNA tested back in 2005, he found out that he hailed from the Mende tribe which is found in Sierra Leone. He is popularly known for his role in the series Grey Anatomy, and this revelation gave him a new purpose in life which is to help the people of his tribe.

He started a foundation to help in rebuilding Sierra Leone.

4. Oprah Winfrey

She is well known for her popular talk show and she is one of the most popular celebrities who had their DNA tested. After having her DNA tested she found out that her ancestors are the Kpelle tribe mainly located in West Africa.

Oprah says that being able to trace her roots made her feel empowered after knowing the journey which her family had gone through.

5. Questlove

He was the co-frontman of the roots, which was a popular hiphop group. After having his DNA tested, he found out that he originated from the Mende tribe which is mainly found in Sierra Leone.

After finding out about his origin, Questlove became determined to know more about Africa, which is his homeland.

6. Sheryl Lee Ralph

This popular singer and actress did a DNA testing which revealed that the roots of her family extended past the Caribbean and stretched all the way to Africa. It was also revealed that her ancestors hailed from the Tikar tribe mainly found in Cameroon.

Tracing her roots was a transformative experience in her life and she even travelled with her husband to Cameroon.

7. Whoopi Goldberg

This talented Actress after having her DNA analyzed, discovered that she descented from sub-saharan Africa. Her ancestors hailed from the Bayote and Papel tribes.

Discovering her trace gave her a new goal, which is to receiving her citizenship from Guinea-Bissau where her ancestors came from.

8. Wyatt Cenac

He is a comedian and after doing a DNA test found out that his ancestors come from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. This revelation transformed his life completely and gave her a new mission in life.

9. Q-Tip

This talented hiphop artist did a DNA test which revealed that his ancestors hailed from the Jola tribe, which is found in Guinea-Bissau. His ancestry played a key role in his career because his tribe is known for creating the lute, which is a musical instrument that resembles a banjo.

This instrument led to the creation of the blues and Q-Tip is well known for incorporating blues and Jazz in his music.

10. Michael K. Williams

He is a popular actor that was discovered by the actor and rapper popularly known as Tupac Shakur. He found out that his ancestors came from the Mende tribe found in Sierra Leone, after his DNA was analyzed.

This was very important because he was very curious in finding out where his ancestors originated from.