23 and Me Review

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Few things can be more interesting than learning about your heritage, and that of your family. During your search, you may find interesting bits of information that you weren't even aware of! Not to mention, it's a great way to learn about where you come from, and what cultures came together in order to create the unique individual you are.

23AndMe is one of a handful of DNA testing services that allows you to gather this information from one simple saliva sample. This article is going to dive into a 23andMe review in order to show you how it can help you learn some fun things about your heritage.

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Things We Liked

Simple and easy process

All you have to do is order your DNA testing kit, which will come with a tube. Once you provide a saliva sample, mail the tube back to the company. In about six to eight weeks, you'll then be provided with an email that will link you to your results so that you can learn all about your heritage. It's incredibly easy and you won't have to worry about searching for your results or even paying for the shipping. It's all included in your initial cost.

Neanderthal heritage

One of the aspects that sets 23andMe apart from other DNA testing programs is that it will allow you to see whether or not you might have some Neanderthal heritage in your background. That's a long ways to travel back to and some really interesting information to learn. If you have an interest in being able to see as far back as the origins of your family line then this is a great option for you!

Things We Didn't Like

Wait time

Some customers have noted that it can take a long time to receive their results. It's important to keep in mind that in order to make sure the results are as complete and accurate as possible it can take up to eight weeks for the results of the test to be returned. While this may be a longer time to wait than with some other DNA testing programs, it's also working all the way back to the start of your heritage in order to find any potential Neanderthal heritage in your DNA. If you're willing to wait in order to get this depth of a result then 23andMe is going to be a great choice.

Key Features

23andMe allows you to obtain a highly detailed breakdown of yout global ancestry. It also allows you to see information from farther back than a lot of other DNA testing programs. With it, you'll even be able to find out if you have any Neanderthal DNA in your background. Once you've gotten your results, you'll also be able to locate and get in touch with others who have also used the program and have been shown to be related to you in some way. It's a great way to discover family members you may not have even known you had before.

They'll send you a kit to use at home in order to provide a saliva sample. Just add the sample, send it back and you'll get your results in six to eight weeks. If you want to, you can also add an upgrade that will allow you to get access to health reports as well as the rest of your information. This can be useful if you don't know much about your family background or are adopted and want to have useful health information from your biological ancestors on hand.

Overall, this is an incredibly useful tool that will help you to learn a lot about your background in a way that won't take up too much of your time or be overly costly. Not all that long ago it would have been considered nearly impossible to be able to get such detailed information about your own heritage, but now it's so simple! Whether you're adopted and want to learn about your biological family or are just a genealogy buff, this is definitely a great way to get a lot of useful information. Before you start, just make sure to read through 23andMe's terms of service and privacy statement to make sure you agree with their policies.



Up until relatively recently, gaining knowledge about your heritage was largely record-based, meaning that somebody had to look through files to find birth and death certificates as well as medical information and anything else that may prove useful. With 23andMe, the information is DNA based, which means that your DNA is analyzed to help gather information. This lets you get an overall deeper look into your ancestors and heritage based solely on your genetic information, rather than searching through old paperwork. This method opens up a whole new world in the way of gathering genetic details.

You'll be able to learn exactly what percentages of your DNA comes from different populations all over the world. The process will take a look into both your matrilineal and patrilineal ancestors in order to gather information on all the individuals and cultures that make you who you are. You'll be able to find groups you may not have realized you were related to. One thing that is important to keep in mind with any DNA testing service is that the possibility does exist that you may find you aren't related to someone as you thought you were, or that you are related to someone unexpected.

Make Connections

23andMe also lets you connect with those who are determined to be related to you. You'll be able to send and receive invitations with others that will allow you to get into contact if both members want to. Keep in mind that not everyone may want to seek out connections with newly found family members, which also means that if you're just looking for information and not necessarily communication you won't have to accept those invitations. Otherwise, you can have a great time getting to know people you share DNA with that you never knew before!

This particular feature can be really helpful if you're adopted or otherwise in a situation where you don't already have access to your biological family. Through 23andMe, you'll be able to meet family members you wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise. DNA testing is a much easier way to get this information than searching through old records and trying to locate your family members on your own. Even if they prefer not to make contact, you can still opt to get some health information based on your DNA that can help you to live a happy, healthy life.


Overall, 23andMe provides a great opportunity to gain information on your heritage all the way back to the origins. You'll even be able to find out if you have any Neanderthal DNA somewhere along your genetic beginnings, which isn't something many DNA testing services offer.

Once you've gained your information, you'll able to send and receive invitations to get in touch with your newly discovered family members. If you choose, you'll also be able to upgrade so that you can get some health information added into your report. Overall, 23andMe is a great way to get a lot of information about your ancestry that you may not have known before.