About DNAjar

Hello and welcome. DNAjar is established in 2016 with the goal to be the go-to place to get a quick overview of the best DNA testing kits available on the market. We have done the reading and comparison so you do not have to – all you need to do is chose any of the recommended best DNA testing kits that suits your preference, and rest assured that you have chosen amongst the best.

Writing about all kinds of DNA test kits

Most of us know who we are, where we come from – or so we think. Are you really 100% French? Using DNA test kits you are able to truly discover your ethnicity.  Your family history is found in your DNA and the best labs have very comprehensive databases with the ability for you to then connect with new relatives.

But DNA test kits is not only for ethnicity. Anyone who has ever had a mixed dog breed has wondered, “What is exactly in that mix?”. Compare the DNA sample against that of the major breeds, to identify the breed of your dog. But remember, the tests are for informational purposes only and can add as a brag factor at the dog park.

Other than ethnicity and dogs breeds, DNA testing kits can also be used for health and fitness. DNA testing can prove to be a very clarifying tool to understand your overall health. With the DNA testing kits by your side, you are only one test away from finding out if you are at risk of inherited conditions, learn more about how your specific genes may respond to certain medications, the risk factors that are present in your genes and the genetic traits of such things as lactose intolerance and male pattern baldness. Low Carb? Low Fat? High Protein? What works best? Each and every person is individual; and a common recommendation cannot be made. That is why the Best DNA testing kits for diet is needed, to truly understand your individual dietary needs, intolerances to have full insights into what will work best for you to get in great shape and most importantly live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through proper nutrition.

HIIT Cardio? Cross Fit? Body Building? Cycling? Having difficulty determining what sport your body is meant to be doing to get in the best shape of your life? With the best DNA testing kits for fitness, it is no longer a guessing game. Now you can know for sure, and unlock your full potential.