Athletes Who Use Fitness DNA Tests

Athletes who use workout programs based on their genes are said to have higher performance than those who just do regular instructional workouts. The athletes usually take a DNA test by swabbing in order to collect DNA samples. They then send their results to the labs and have them delivered within a period of ten days. Some athletes usually collect the samples out of their own initiative using a home testing kit, while other athletes have DNA samples collected by their trainers, sometimes without knowing why, then have their fitness programs outlined for them based on the test results.

Here are a couple of athletes who have used their DNA results to help them improve their performance.

1. Greg Rutherford

The Olympic long-jump champion has gone through DNA analysis which helped him prepare for the 2016 Olympics. The result helped him realize his full potential, especially in endurance exercises. This enabled him to make more clear cut decisions on his fitness regimen.

2. Brad Marchand

The hockey player of the Boston Bruins believes that training hard isn’t all that is necessary in being a great athlete. He stated that the results he got from his test helped him correctly direct his workouts, thus reducing the amount of energy wasted.

3. Muna Lee

She is a well known sprinter who has participated in the Olympics and other major championships. Her experience with the genetic testing program she used gave her the confidence needed for the Rio Olympics. She also discovered that in spite of her size, she has a lot of power in her genes, which is a requirement for sprinters.

4. Lacey Henderson

When she was just 9, she had her leg amputated after being diagnosed with a rare tumor in her knee. After getting her DNA test results, she was able to figure out what training was best for her. Currently, she holds the record for the 200m and long jump categories in the Paralympics.

5. Tori Pena

She is an Irish Olympian in the pole vault category. Regarding her test results, she feels that she is more confident and prepared than she ever has been.

6. Jeremy Dodson

The Olympian sprinter decided to have his DNA tested in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. The results showed him that he is a powerful sprinter who has fast recovery after intense training. Mentally, he is very alert under stressful situations.

7. Anaso Jobodwana

This South African sprinter said that the results helped him attain more knowledge on how his mind and body works, thus helping him make better decisions while training.

8. Heather Hamilton

She is a professional pole vaulter, whose results helped her discover that she needs more resting time in between workouts, as her muscles don’t recover fast after training.

9. Melanie Clarke

This Canadian athlete and coach is also an accomplished weightlifter who discovered that she has low endurance but a lot of power and quick muscle recovery.

10. Blake Gallagher

He is a professional hockey player. His test results revealed that he has a slow muscle recovery, and he had to change his workout routine in order to accommodate that. Mentally, he is also very motivated and competitive.