DNA Tests For Weight Loss

DNA home testing kits have found a place in fitness and health. Recent studies revealed that our genes play a major role in our ability to lose weight. Some companies that manufacture these kits have worked hand in hand with accomplished athletes to determine the best fitness and diet programs for them based on their unique genetic information. Now it’s possible for the average individual to find out what diet works best for their weight loss goals using DNA.

A simple cheek swab sample mailed to the lab will get tested and analyzed. The genetic variations that are tested are those that deal with the intake and sensitivity to carbohydrates, proteins, fats, salt, lactose, gluten and alcohol metabolism. The results you get will then guide you into figuring out the best dietary combinations for you. Go check out the best DNA test for diet.

If the results indicate that you are sensitive to carbs, then that means that your body has a higher tendency of transforming any carbs that you take in into fat deposits rather than energy. A sensitivity to fats also indicates the same. This means that you should be on a low fat and/or low carb diet in order to achieve your weight loss goals. If your results show you that you are not sensitive to carbs and/or fats, then you should keep these food groups in your diet. Don’t be tempted to cut them out just to get an edge in losing weight. In fact, the reason you aren’t sensitive to these foods is that your body metabolizes them quickly into energy, and reducing your intake could ultimately lower your body’s energy levels. Some results may point out an individual’s sensitivity to certain proteins like lactose and gluten. This means that you should cut these foods out of your diet.

DNA results for fitness can also reveal our body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, take in salt and sugar. People with a genetic predisposition to metabolize alcohol quicker usually end up drinking more and experiencing less effects than their counterparts. Finding out your body’s sensitivity to things like salt and sugar can help you alter your diet in order to avoid problems like Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Other than just letting you know more about what and how you should eat, these DNA test results also tell you about what workouts your body is more likely to respond to. People who have fast muscle recovery can have their workouts without rest days in between. Those who have more power than strength do better in endurance workouts, while those who have strength on their side do better in weight lifting workouts. This knowledge helps you better target your workouts.

DNA tests for weight loss will help you in your ultimate goals. However, it’s important to note that some environmental factors can play a role in why you’re not achieving your weight loss goals. So when you do get your results, it’s important to act on them- change up the diet to suit what your body needs. It may not be all you need to lose weight but it does help in the cause