The Possibilities Of DNA Home Testing Kits

DNA home testing kits are increasing in popularity as people seek easier ways to know their genetic information and what it means. A simple cheek swab or spit in a test tube is the DNA sample that is required. Your DNA is then analyzed and results are sent to you based on what it was you were looking to find. Here are some instances when one can use a home DNA testing kit.

  1. To Figure Out A Child’s Paternity
    During child custody and paternity claim cases, a DNA test to check on a child’s paternity is required. A home DNA test kit can be used to get the results. A sample from the child and alleged father is collected and sent to the lab. The child’s DNA is then compared to that of the alleged father’s. The analysis will determine the paternity, and if the probability is 99.99% then the man is the father of the child. Check out the Best DNA test kit for paternity.
  2. To Determine One’s Ancestry
    If you’re interested in knowing more about your family tree, then you can also use a home DNA kit and send your samples to a lab. The Y chromosome in men is the one that remains unchanged in a number of generations. This is what is used to determine one’s ancestry and in some instances, even ethnicity. The results that will be mailed to you and will include details of who you may be related to after having being analyzed and compared to other DNA profiles within the database. Check out the Best DNA test kit for ancestry.
  3. To Determine A Fitness Program
    DNA home testing kits can also be used to know what type of workout to focus on and the food to eat in order to achieve your fitness goals. When you send the sample to the lab, they analyze it and check on your genetic information to find out what exercises work best for you. You can find out about your risk for obesity, how quickly your muscles can recover after a workout and also their power and strength. The genetic variations that deal with one’s sensitivity to carbohydrates and fats are also tested to help you map out an appropriate meal plan. Check out the Best DNA test kit for fitness.

  4. To Know More About Your Health
    There are some diseases that have been proven to be caused by genetic mutations. A simple home DNA test kit can help you know the probability of you developing some genetic conditions like Parkinson’s and diabetes. Genetic markers that are associated with genetic diseases are looked for within your DNA, and the results are then sent back to you via mail. Check out the benefits for a DNA test kit for health. 

DNA home testing kits are becoming more available and the possibilities of their use is increasing with the advancement of genetics. However, the results are not an indication of certainty. They merely act as a guide of what actions you need to take to either change your lifestyle or find your family. Only in the case of paternity are the results conclusive, because the result is either positive or negative. Moreover, in order to get the most accurate results, the samples should be handled with care to avoid contamination.

  • Updated September 9, 2017
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Marisol - September 12, 2017

I found it very interesting that you can use these DNA kits to help determine a fitness program for my child. it’s really neat that you can have the genetic information broken down so that you can really personalize a plan. Thank you for the great information.

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